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US Search Review

With over 15 years of business, US Search has one of the largest database in America. When you conduct a search you’ll get fast access to billions of public records and with US Search patented technology you can expect a fast, detailed and accurate result. They offer a “No Results – No Charge!” guarantee on every search you conduct.

So if you’re hiring a nanny, private tutor, house keeper, a blind date, employer, or anyone for that matter, make sure you conduct a background check.

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Types of Searches Available

There are multiple types of searches that you can conduct at US Search and we found they have one of the best diversity of searches available. You can also use specific employment searches to see what others have said about your employment.

Other types of unique search options include “reunion pass” which allows the system to perform searches for up to 1000 people over a 30 day span. There are also different types of subscription levels. You can get a 24 hour pass, 3 day pass or a private investigator pass which has a lot of advanced searches and surveillance options.

Here’s a list of other searches you can perform at US Search, click on the links to conduct your own research.


All reports come in an easy to read format. You won’t get any sensitive information as there are privacy laws to protect people from identify theft.

Each report can be tailored to meet your requirements and you only pay if you get a result.

Easy To Use

The website is well presented and all searches are organized into different pages. Each provides you with all the information you will receive in your reports.


There’s a handy FAQ section that answers most of your questions. For further contact you can also reach US Search via mail, email or through the toll free customer service number.


Us Search delivers exactly as they mentioned and you never have to pay if you don’t get any results. The costs are relatively low and search give results fast. We highly recommend US Search for it’s accuracy and larger database.

Background Check Services Review