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Records Registry Review

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Record Registry provides you with over 25,000 informational resources to help you in your background checks or private investigation. Record Registry is an online detective service and like all other detective services, this also freely provides information on various topics. Record Registry is considered as one of the best online detective services and if used right, it can help a lot.

However, it does not offer you quick and comprehensive reports; hence you need to conduct your search all by yourself. Record Registry provides you unlimited access and the ability to choose exactly the information you are looking out for.

Easy To Use

Though Record Registry proves useful and is logically arranged; the service requires you to conduct the search personally. Users who are not accustomed with such search sites may find it very difficult to use and sometimes confusing and time consuming.

Available Searches

Record Registry enables the users to conduct research and gives them the freedom to find any type of information that is easily accessible through public records. Hence the user can look for one piece of information or for unlimited information. On this site you can find the unlimited service list ranging from adoption, court and tax records, rental, employment and provider screening.

Record Registry offers more then 25,000 information resources and some resources may be provided free, while some charge a nominal fee. Four percent of these sources are generally fee-based, depending on the information you are looking out for as it may or sometimes may not be a very logical and economical solution.

Information Report

As you compile your own information, the way you do it depends on your search. Pre-designed reports are not provided by Repots Registry.

Support and help

Record Registry provides you the email address for all inquires and also a brief FAQ.

Customer Support

Records Registry provides you with the best customer support online detective software available. Their online FAQ is packed with accumulated answers gathered from their past years of experience, and they also present an online form which guides you through their diverse departments. To ease your search, they also have a toll-free telephone number and one support e-mail address.

Record Registry is the only site that provides unlimited access to a wide range of services at an extremely low price. However, if you wish to undergo a private investigation and wish to seek surveillance assistance and don’t want to conduct the search personally, then you hardly have a choice other than the US Search.

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