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Cost: $29 /3 Year
Searches Avaliable:
Easy To Use:
Report Details:
Free: Money Back Guarantee
# of Searches: Unlimited
People Search:
Advanced People Search:  
Nationwide Criminal Check:
Background Check:
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Net Detective Review

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Net Detective has around 1.1 billion records and claims to have information on over 90% of U.S residents. It is widely used by private investigators nationwide and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. It’s the most affordable background checking solution that is why in our top 3 selections.

Types of Searches Available

The types of searches you can conduct at Net Detective is limited:

It’s great if you are looking for this type of information and for the cost of $29.00 for a 3 year unlimited search subscription, its cheaper than doing 1 criminal check on some other competition services.


All reports are easy to read and come with more details than you think. There are military records, lost persons, and old school mates records you can also dig up.

Once you do a search the results are delivered to you instantly where you can print. Net Detective uses a search wizard for backgrounds and people checks. You can expect to find reports on:

Easy To Use

All searches are simple and fast to use.


There is a Common Questions section and a huge list of helpful information to assist you in your search. There is also an email, phone and fax point of contact to further assist you needs.


Everything about Net Detective is great however the only flaw is that it does not have all the various searches like some of our other reviewed services which is why it not our top choice. However, it does have a huge value for money and if you compare unlimited searches to paying for individual reports. The 90 day money back guarantee is also great if you are not happy with your results.

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