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# of Searches: Unlimited
People Search: $29.95
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Government Records Review

With millions of records, Government Records is an affordable site for conducting background checks. They get public records from over 20,000 data sources nationwide and provide a 5 year subscription services and unlimited searches.

Types of Searches Available

The range of searches decent and allow you to conduct detailed searches in the following areas:

The list is quite impressive and you will find a complete list on the website.


All reports are easily accessed once you have logged in after your purchase. All reports are delivered instantly.

Easy To Use

Searches are easy to submit and the website is well presented in categories.


You can get free 7 day a week support via email ticket system. You however cannot contact them if you are not a member as we did not find any contact details.


If you need bulk searches for people and back ground check this is a good place to start. Government Records does not have the largest database so if you don’t find any results you might also consider paying for a detailed search from another respected background checking service.