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Criminal records are data of various criminals compiled and maintained by enforcement agencies. Basically it consists of a person’s identification, conviction, arrest, legal status, incarceration, warrant information, sex offender registration, information about warrant, and other relevant criminal history. The most important objective of having a record like this is the provision of a complete criminal history of a person whenever it is needed. This also helps to short list suspected criminals in a particular case and for making enhanced sentencing in any criminal prosecution.

In USA criminal records are like public records that can be accessed by anyone. The only catch in this context is that for the first time when an offender commits a crime, the offence is considered to be a small one and it can be sealed by a judge. In such cases the records can be accessed by only certain government agencies and legally the convict can say no if he or she is asked about the conviction. Such routine questions are asked for employment.

The only way for an employer or general citizen to find the criminal records of a person is to go to every possible county and look for records. Although there are agencies which claim to check the records for you from all over the country, you cannot always consider it a reliable method because when the records are assessed the date of birth or social security number might not get revealed, making the entire search process full of errors.

Sometimes there is no charge for private firms and citizens to access a criminal record. They do not need to spend money if they want to get the criminal record check done. Many states, courts, federal or county do not charge any money for to provide public accessibility of criminal records for various purposes. Many websites also provide access to free criminal records. When such records are for free, even a common man can see it without having to pay a prescribed fee. Private citizens can get a criminal record check done so that the judicial system of the country can be monitored constantly. Even firms can get the check before any new employee is employed especially for high profile jobs.

Even the local government recently started opening criminal records to the general citizens through a user-friendly online application. There are many local and state records website which include defendant identifiers whereas many free sites do not. In many cases the court registrar might waive off the prescribed fee in the interest of the public when some criminal record check has to be done. So the next time you need criminal public records for free you can have many options to choose from.

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