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Cost: $14.95 / Report
Searches Avaliable:
Easy To Use:
Report Details:
Free:10 Days
# of Searches: 1
People Search: $6.95
Advanced People Search: $199.95
Nationwide Criminal Check: $12.95
Background Check: $14.95
Email Check:
Employment History:
Social Networking Search:
Reverse Phone Search:
Address History Search:
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Background Check Services Review

FindOutTheTruth Review

FindOutTheTruth has the largest diversity in background, people and criminal searches compared to any other site we have reviewed. The costs for each specific searches are very affordable.

Types of Searches Available

There are savings on bulk searches or if you do not need bulk searches they have a customizable search called “Build Your Own Background Check.” Here you will need the basic background check and you have the freedom to add other types of searches you need and the total cost is calculated for you.

Other types of searches available are:

There are lot more searches available these are just some of the more notable searches.


All reports are easy to read and presented in a well organized manner.

Easy To Use

Making searches are easy you just need the required information to process your search.


You can contact them via live chat on the website, email, mail, and fax. Staff is friendly and the websites has a FAQ which you will find handy.


The size of FindOutTheTruth’s database is not confirmed but they do have a huge range of various search types you can select from. You will find a search for almost anything you can think of. Costs are relative cheap and the customizable searches are great if you are doing multiple types of searches.

Formally known as eFindOutTheTruth.com