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Employee Background Check

A background check reveals crucial information about employees and sometimes, promotions also depend on it. Anyone who wishes to be hired has to go through a pre-employment background check. This means that an individual’s past can haunt his or her future when a pre-employment background check is done. Employers are nowadays being extra cautious, before hiring someone and at the same time applicants fear that the employers may dig into their past, which may not have anything to do with the job they are applying.

Why Does An Employer Conduct An Employee Background Check?

Employers conduct this check for several reasons. They want to know everything about you before they hire you.

Negligent Hiring Issues

Negligent hiring suits are nowadays on the rise and the employer is held responsible is an employee’s action hurts someone. Hence a bad decision could put an employer into crucial situation and could reduce to rubble the company’s budget and reputation as well as ruin the career of the hiring individual. Employers thus don’t feel secure in relying on their instincts.

Current events have forced the employers to use employee background checks to detect:

Background reports can vary from verifying an applicant's security number to a detailed account of the potential employee's history as well as his or her acquaintances.

What Cannot Be Found In A Background Check Report?

Federal Fair Crediting Reporting Act sets several national standards for employment screening and this law applies to background checks performed outside the company under the FCRA. This law does not apply if an employer performs in-house background checks. FCRA forbids reporting on:

Who Conducts Background Checks?

There are many companies that specialize in background checks and they generally fall into several categories ranging from private investigators to companies specializing in employment screening. Corporations who employ large number of employees usually rely on third party background checking companies and may use them for employment screening. Due to revolutionized information, nowadays employers gather background information themselves via Internet.

Background Check and Credit Report Connection

An employee background check often includes the credit report and generally these reports are supplied by three major credit reporting agencies. Such modified versions of credit reports are called employment reports.

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