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People Search: $9.95
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BackgroundChecks.com Review

With over 345 million criminal records Background Checks offer comprehensive reports on a wide range of searches and all searches are from all 50 states.

Types of Searches Available

There range of costs for searches are between $10 - $70 and you can conduct various searches including:


All reports are well presented and a usually delivered instantly within 24 hours. Since there are so many types of checks you can pay for only what you need.

Easy To Use

The website is very easy to use and all checks are categories in the respective categories. There are too many types of searches. They should have consolidated them into a single report for example the criminal checks, you don’t so many different types of checks like Bus Driver Check. Just a background check would supply enough information.


You can contact them over the phone, email, mail and fax.


The database is not one of the largest we’ve reviewed but there is a decent amount of searches if you are looking for a very particular search then try the site and see if you can find it. However there are plenty of other searches like social media checks that they do not offer.

Background Check Services Review