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Additional Reviews / Resources for Background Checks

Here's a list of some additional reviews on some websites that we found useful for background checks. Feel free to send us your feedback. In the mean time we hope you enjoy these sites as much as we have.

Free Public Records (
What's better than frre public searches? Well nothing becaues its free to search through the public records. Check this out if you're looking for public records search.

Criminal Justice Degrees (
If you're in to law and criminla justice programs, then this very cool directory will give you all the listings on where you can study these degrees.

People Search Services (
One of our top reviewed sites, and because its so good we thought we'd put it in here as well. Check out US Search for a full comprehensive report on people or background checks.

Background Check International (
Highly respected site with detailed reports for HR professionals. Its not the cheapest bunch of reports but they are guarnateed 100% accurate.

Private Investigator (
Every now and then its good to have a private investigator do some research for you. So check these guys out.

Child Support Network (
This company make sures you got your child support. They provide a great service to get it for you, so try them if you need their services.

Nanny Background Checks (
Need a nanny? Not sure if you can trust them? Well get a background check on your nanny before you hire them or do a check now to make sure your nanny is telling the truth.

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